Scott K James

Visual/Audio performance


Iller Aint performed once again at the opening night of the byDesign festival at Northwest Film Forum.

We spent some time composing a couple of new pieces, playing audio and video live. The second piece involved live camera shots and audio capturing of some real-time, actual guitar playing. In the whole set we were really pushing the capabilities of Ableton Live to play synchronized audio and video. For the first time all the video was played from Live's timeline, giving us more coordination between audio instruments and visual pallets.

In the Past:

12.05.09 Off The Wall: a Neodandi Fashion Opera at Neodandi House of Couture. Also mastered by Mighty Bright. I did an installation, some live shooting and live video mixing, during and around a Michael Jackson themed fashion show and party.
11.21.09 Who is watching Who - at Neodandi House of Couture. More live video installation, live camera operation at an open house / theatrical fashion show in Neodandi's gallery-style space in Pioneer Square, Seattle. I set up about 4 projectors and covered walls and other surfaces with video made up of my own material, some video provided by Neodandi, and live camera feeds.
10.31.09 Halloween Party at Neodandi House of Couture. Live video installation, in the Neodandi space. I worked with Mighty Bright Productions to create a lively party atmosphere, with motive surfaces, scary and other content.
10.23.09 NY Blowout w/ Golden. The Second Academy, Macky and guests. OK, this didn't go quite as planned. Golden and Mackey didn't make it to NYC. What is it with Japanese bands and trouble at the border? Anyway, 2ndA played a short set at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn. All the New York shenanigans were Tsurumi productions.
10.21.09 The Second Academy at CMJ Showcase in NYC. We played an afternoon show at Fontana's in Manhattan.
10.07.09 I played with The Second Academy at the CMJ Send Off Party at the High Dive in Fremont as part of an effort to add my laptop-generated sounds to a rock trio. With Empty City, Post Harbor, and DJ Jeff Davis. Powered by Tsurumi Records.
09.27.09 Iller Aint were a last minute addition to the Optical II showcase of the Decibel Festival, at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. We played a slightly revised version of our set from this spring. It was a pretty good mixture of the two of us sharing audio and video tasks. Some people said it looked coordinated.
09.27.09 Decibel Festival 2009 6th year for me. I did a couple of sets at the finale on Sunday night at Neumo's - playing with Jerry Abstract and Reagenze. Both sets were pretty fine - Jerry's killed. I think he slapped his laptop onto the ground.

I made a video:
My music (early) w/ video edited from a live mix:

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